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About Us

Welcome to the New Home of Ammo by Pistol Pete. We are very excited to get our high quality re-manufactured ammunition in your hands. The owner Peter AKA “Pistol Pete” has over 30 years of experience in the ammunition field. We here at Ammo by Pistol Pete strive to produce ammunition that is affordable, reliable, accurate and the highest quality.

This business was started because of a huge lack of high quality affordable ammo. We are a fully licensed and insured FFL 01 and 06 manufacture. We only use high quality reloading components and equipment.

Remanufactured Ammo

All ammunition is loaded on state of the art commercial presses. We start the process with chemically cleaning all brass casings and then they get hand inspected. Brass cases get a high polish shine. All pistol and rifle cases are loaded to SAMMI spec. Every round that we produce gets put in a chamber gauge and is hand inspected. This is a very time consuming process but definitely shows in the quality of our ammunition.

Only shoot New Ammo??? Well the only difference between the “New” ammo and our re-manufactured ammo is that the case has been fired once. Why pay those high prices for factory that ammo that is dirty and unreliable? We urge you to give our ammo a try. We look forward to hearing from you and your experience with us.

Our staff thanks you for visiting us.