.300 Blackout 125gr Frangible (50 Rounds) Re-Manufactured Ammunition


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Technical Specs:

  • Caliber: 300 Blackout (AKA: 300 AAC, 300 Wisper,  300 Blk)
  • 50 Rounds High Quality Range Ammo / Perfect for use in close quarter battle (CQB) training scenarios where projectile ‘splashback’ is a concern, or in environments with poor air filtration.  Frangible projectiles are lead free and produce no toxic dust upon impact.
  • Supersonic Ammunition
  • Bullet Weight: 125 gr.
  • Bullet Profile: Lead-Free .308 diameter 125 gr. projectile made with Copper & Tin.  100% lead-free projectiles function reliably and show no unusual wear on the weapon in long-term testing
  • Brass Type: Remanufactured Brass-Mixed Headstamps, primarily LC Headstamp
  • Brass is Fully Converted in house to ensure the highest quality and uniform cases.
  • Primer: Boxer – Non-Corrosive
  • Velocity: 2200 FPS (aprox)
  • Loose packed in sealed clear bag.
  • Clean Burning Powder
  • All ammunition undergoes a stringent quality control. Each cartridge is case gauged, and hand inspected for maximum high quality and safety.
  • **It is you responsibility to make sure you are firing the correct ammo in the correct caliber gun. **



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